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The Town of Purcellville Administration Department is responsible for implementing Town Council policies and providing support to staff in the delivery of our diverse services to our residents. This Department is responsible for overseeing daily operations, handling emergency issues and for planning and coordinating overall strategic management of the Town government operations. Staff of the Administration Department includes the Town Manager, Assistant Town Manager, Executive Assistant to the Town Manager and Town Clerk.

Also included are internal management operations comprised of advanced part-time management support for human resources, information technology and special projects and programs.

The Town Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town and serves at the pleasure of Town Council while being tasked with supervising all Town functions and making sure that Town Council policies and priorities are put into action
 Contact Information 
 221 South Nursery Avenue
 Purcellville, VA 20132

 Phone: 540-338-7421
 Fax: 540-338-6205 

 Robert W. Lohr, Jr., Town Manager 

 Daniel Davis, Assistant Town Manager

 Department Staff 

 Hours of Operation
 Monday – Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

 Town Intranet
 Town Surplus Property Sales 

 Citizen Survey Results

 Business Survey Results

Town Facility Conduct Policy

Public Meeting Conduct Policy

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