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February 2, 2006


The Regular Session of the Purcellville Planning Commission convened at 7:00 PM and the following attended:


PRESENT:     Dennis Beese, Chairman

Mike Reles, Planning Commissioner

                        Jonathan Stewart, Planning Commissioner

                        Tim Canan, Planning Commissioner

                        Catherine Falknor, Planning Commissioner

Michael Seigfried, Planning Commissioner

                        Tom Priscilla, Planning Commissioner/Council Liaison


STAFF:           Martha Semmes, Director of Planning and Zoning

Wayne Lee, Senior Planner

                        Tucker Keller, Planning Technician





The regular meeting of the Planning Commission was called to order at 7:00 PM 





Chairman Beese stated that prior to Action Items there will be an informational presentation from the Carver Center on their construction efforts.  Next, under Discussion Items, Item b will be added which will be the Patrick Henry site plan and Item c will be a presentation from John Chapman in reference to the site at Hirst Street and Hatcher Avenue and Discussion Item d will be an update of the Comprehensive Plan.




Sam Brown of 37883 East Main Street came forward to speak.  Mr. Brown stated that he wanted to speak about the PUGAMP.  He stated that he is opposed to the Southern Collector Road, he believes it is a bad idea, the road will be at a high rate of speed and go right in front of the school, there will be problems with kids from Valley Springs who want to walk to the Middle School and will have to cross the road and kids from Hirst Farm who will need to cross the road to get to Emerick Elementary.


Mr. Brown stated that this road will not be a “fast ride out of Town” with three major intersections at Rt. 611, Rt. 690 and Lincoln Road and each one will have a stop light, stop signs or a roundabout that will slow people down along with crosswalks and a 25 MPH speed limit in front of the schools.  He stated that all the stores are on Main Street and people will need to stop at the stores.


Mr. Brown stated that there is also a question of the cost of this road.  At one time the cost to his farm would be four to five million several years ago and now construction costs have skyrocketed and there is the question of A Street having to be widened between Rt. 722 and Rt. 611.  Several yards will have to be condemned and people will not like that.  He stated that no cost analysis has been done on that part of the road so it could easily balloon to ten or twelve million and he wonders who will pay for it.  This is a major expense. 









Carver Center Construction Entrance – The Commission will receive an update from the Loudoun County Department of Parks and Recreation regarding the status of the construction entrance for their Carver Senior Center project, which is under construction.  This update was a condition of site plan approval for this project.


Debbie Heimburger with Loudoun County Parks, Recreation and Community Services came forward to give an update to the Commission regarding the above item.





a)      TP05-08 – Valley Industrial Park, Lot 15E, Preliminary/Final Site Plan, Tenure Properties, LLC, PIN 487-17-2087, an application for preliminary/final site plan approval for the construction of a 9,792 square-foot flex office building at 116 Bailey Lane, further identified with PIN 487-17-2087.  This application was previously discussed by the Commission on April 26, 2005 as a preliminary site plan, was subsequently amended to a preliminary/final site plan, and is now ready for action.


Coe Eldridge a partner in the project came forward to answer any questions from the Commission.


Commissioner Stewart made a motion to approve TP05-08 a Preliminary/Final Site Plan by Tenure Properties, LLC for a flex office building on lot 15E Valley Industrial Park at 116 Bailey Lane, further identified with PIN 487-17-2087 prepared by Painter Lewis, PLC of Winchester, VA as revised through January 31, 2006 and including the light plan prepared by SAI Engineering Incorporated of Woodbridge, VA and Architectural Solutions of Sterling, VA dated January 13, 2005.


                                                                              Motion:  Commissioner Stewart

                                                                              Carried:  7-0






a)      Upcoming February 14, 2006 Joint Public Hearing on the Following Purcellville Baptist Church Applications:


1)      PCA 04-01 – Purcellville Baptist Church Concept Plan Amendment (Revised):  An application to amend parts of the Village Case rezoning concept plan affecting the church property at 601 Yaxley Drive.  Proposed concept plan amendments include adding a private school to the permitted church use of this parcel, adding a temporary entrance onto A Street, and reducing the size of a berm originally proposed between the church and nearby residential lots.


2)      SUP04-01 – Purcellville Baptist Church Special Use Permit (Revised):  An application for Special Use Permit approval to operate a 120-student private school at the proposed new Purcellville Baptist Church at 601 Yaxley Drive.


3)      TP04-06 – Purcellville Baptist Church Preliminary Site Plan (Revised):  An application for preliminary site plan approval for the construction of a 120,728 square-foot church with a private school.  This is the first phase of the church’s building program for this property, which is located at 601 Yaxley Drive in the Village Case development and is further identified with PIN 454-37-3415.  Approval of the site plan is required as part of the Special Use Permit application above.


Paul Smith, Executive Administrator for Purcellville Baptist Church came forward to speak.  Mr. Smith went through each item in staff’s summary and gave an update.  He also indicated that each of his comments are attached to the revised plans that staff have.


Joel Lafiandra homeowner at Brown’s Farm came forward to speak.  Mr. Lafiandra stated that the Brown’s Farm HOA had a meeting with Mr. Smith and came to agreement on a lot of phases of the project.  Mr. Lafiandra stated that what they are concerned about is lighting, they want to make sure that when it is built, if there is a problem with glare, he would like enough of a provision to put some “blocking” landscaping.  Other than that, they generally agree with what is being built.


Mr. Lafiandra stated that in terms of the drainage, Bruce Brownell had helped them a lot in the past.  He stated that they had a major problem with sediment run-off coming down during the construction phase and solutions that have been suggested are all good ideas.  He stated that they would like to avoid a drainage problem completely, he would like to have it drain to the north towards the floodplains so that the homeowners don’t have to worry about it. 


Ben Clark of 37835 Picket House Place came forward to speak.  Mr. Clark stated that his neighborhood is full of wonderful people that volunteer their time to take care of the landscaping in the development.  Mr. Clark stated that they were very fortunate to have Bruce Brownell looking out for the homeowners of Village Case.


Mr. Clark stated that his concerns are with the lighting and whatever can be done will be done to be courteous to the neighbors.  He stated that the Church has always gone above and beyond the call of duty in the neighborhood and he believes that pattern will continue.


Mr. Clark stated that with regard to water in the pond, they see a lot of sediment and changing of pond colors.  He would like to see a filter that would keep out everything that could be changed once a month and spread the cost over everyone that benefits from the flow of the water.  Mr. Clark would propose that as continual development of Village Case occurs, consideration be made for each project as it comes along and that the water challenge be addressed that comes through Village Case. 


Brit Thomas of 37838 Picket House Place came forward to speak.  Mr. Thomas stated that he provided a letter to the Commission from him and his wife.  He stated that he is immediately adjacent to the Church.  Mr. Thomas stated that he is supportive of the Church as a neighbor, they knew from the very beginning that the Church would be built there, he would rather have a Church than 60 houses.


Mr. Thomas stated that there is a reality that things are changing and evolving, when his house was being built they had a concept of what the Church would look like and now the concept has evolved to something that is pretty large and the one thing that hasn’t been talked about it size.  Mr. Thomas stated that at the last Planning Commission meeting the size of the college was discussed and the Commission was very concerned about how to cover up that large size and the Church is talking about building something bigger in the middle of a residential neighborhood and he would ask that the Commission think about that.


Mr. Thomas stated that the Church did not create the water run-off and should not be burdened with that problem.  The entire development is creating this problem, he believes it is appropriate that the Church shoulder their share of it but not the entire issue.


Mr. Thomas thanked Mr. Smith for the meetings that the Church has had with the homeowners, at the end of the day it is all a promise and he would ask that the Commission find a way to formalize the promises so that it becomes enforceable.


Renelda Peldunas-Harter of 37838 Albert’s Farm Drive came forward to speak.  Ms. Peldunas-Harter stated that she would like to thank the Church for working with the homeowners.  Ms. Peldunas-Harter stated that they submitted a letter to the Commission and staff and would like to go over some of the concerns that they have.  She has concerns with the run-off, her pond is an old pond that is spring fed from springs that are in Village Case.  She stated that when it rains the pond floods and they get run-off into the pond not only from Village Case but from Brown’s Farm as well and would like the Commission to keep that in mind.


Ms. Peldunas-Harter stated that one thing that was eluded to that she has concerns about is that she bought her property in 1998, long before Mr. Brownell was planning on putting a dry dam upstream from her pond and they had no idea that they would get so much run-off and looking at the Thomas’ deed it does not clearly associate which HOA is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of that and she would like to have that clarified.


Ms. Peldunas-Harter stated that in the past two years they have had to buy a fountain to aerate the pond because of run-off from a couple of new houses that were built in Brown’s Farm from the nitrates in the fertilizers.  She is concerned about buildings being built up stream and how she will maintain the pond knowing that they will have to start aerating the pond in February and by March it will be completely covered in algae.  So the pollution coming into the pond is a big issue and would ask that the Commission look at that situation.


b)      TP05-10 – Patrick Henry College Preliminary/Final Site Plan


Earl Hall with Patrick Henry College came forward to speak.  Mr. Hall stated that he was under the impression that they were to be on the agenda tonight for action and they had worked very hard to get ready and was very surprised to find that they were not on the agenda.


Commissioner Canan made a motion that the Planning Commission move TP05-10, Patrick Henry College Student Life Center Preliminary/Final Site Plan prepared by Zicht and Associates dated November 21, 2005 to an Action Item.


                                                                              Motion:  Commissioner Canan

                                                                              Carried:  7-0




Commissioner Canan made a motion that the Planning Commission approves TP05-10, Patrick Henry College Student Life Center Preliminary/Final Site Plan prepared by Zicht and Associates dated November 21, 2005.


                                                                              Motion:  Commissioner Canan

                                                                              Carried:  7-0



c)      Inova Community Health Center - TP05-25


John Chapman came forward to ask for clarification on some comments that they received from staff regarding trails, sidewalks and buffering.


Eric Zicht, representative for the applicant came forward to speak.


The Commission decided that they would individually go out and look at the property and would discuss this item at their next meeting.


d)   Comprehensive Plan Update – Commission will discuss the recently submitted draft plan text and maps in advance of a public hearing on February 16, 2006.


      Ms. Semmes gave a brief update on the Comprehensive Plan.





Commissioner Canan made a motion that Dennis Beese continue as Chairman of the Planning Commission through August 2006.


                                                                                    Motion:  Commissioner Canan

                                                                                    Carried:  7-0


Commissioner Seigfried made a motion to that Tim Canan be appointed Vice Chairman of the Planning Commission through August 2006.


                                                                                    Motion:  Commissioner Canan

                                                                                    Carried:  7-0


Commissioner Stewart made a motion to nominate Tucker Keller as Secretary for the Planning Commission through August 2006.


                                                                                    Motion:  Commissioner Stewart

                                                                                    Carried:  7-0













There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 11:09 PM.





                                                                        Dennis Beese, Chairman





Jennifer Helbert, Town Clerk