Tree and Environment Sustainability Committee

The Tree and Environment Sustainability Committee (TESC) has recently re-formed as a merging of the Tree and Beautification Committee and the Committee on the Environment. The TESC is currently looking for members to join this newly revived committee! To submit an application, please click here.

The Tree & Environment Sustainability Committee will be defining its mission and activities in the coming months. The vision of the committee is to establish partnerships with citizens, business owners, and other stakeholders to plan and implement measurable environmentally responsible and sustainable initiatives for Purcellville and our nation.

Focus Areas:
  • Tree ordinance development and oversight
  • Town-side and watershed cleanup events
  • Community gardening and tree planting projects
  • Sustainability Ideas
  • Nature preserve and trail enhancement education series
  • Paint Purcellville Green - Annual Event
  • Rain Barrel Program
  • Energy saving audit and mitigation
  • Electronic and hazardous waste
  • Recycling and certified bottled water free zone
  • Workshops and education on environmental sustainability

Purcellville’s Green Expo / Hail to the Trail

Join the Town of Purcellville's Tree and Environment Sustainability Committee at the Chapman DeMary Trail on Sunday, October 22 for a fun day in nature! From 1 to 4 p.m., explore this 10-acre area, considered to be the last stand of old-growth forest in the Town of Purcellville, go on guided nature walks, enjoy hands-on activities, meet local nature experts, see live animals with the Wildlife Ambassadors, hear live music performed by Willie White, catch and identify creek critters, and be part of the Mayor's Monarch Pledge!

Many local environmental organizations will be there to share information and host fun activities.

  1. Audubon Naturalist Society--discover creek critters
  2. Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship--nature walks
  3. Girl Scout Cadette Troop 1420 and Cadette Troop 6287--Loudoun Rocks Project
  4. Keep Loudoun Beautiful--trash your trash
  5. Loudoun County Tree Stewards--learn about trees and take a tree walk
  6. Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy--discover monarchs and more
  7. Nature Generation
  8. Plant NoVa Natives
  9. Purcellville Arts Council--a nature art project
  10. Purcellville Parks and Recreation Advisory Board--nature memory game
  11. Purcellville Tree and Environment Sustainability Committee--Mayors' Monarch Pledge, Community Gardens, Seed Exchange Program and more
  12. Virginia Department of Forestry—learn about trees and the benefit of forests
  13. Wildlife Ambassadors—see live animals that you might come across in our area
  14. Local scout troops

More organizations are joining, so check back for updates!

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About the Chapman DeMary Trail

The beauty of the Chapman DeMary Trail encourages exploration of the outdoors and emphasizes stewardship in everyday activities. The trail is supported by The Nature Generation, Loudoun Valley High School, the Piedmont Environmental Council, and the Town of Purcellville. The Town of Purcellville holds the conservation easement for the 10-acre area.

The Chapman DeMary Trail, located in what is considered to be the last stand of old growth forest in the Town of Purcellville, provides amazing hands-on environmental learning and stewardship opportunities to thousands of residents, visitors, students, and scouts!  It is located at 355 North Hatcher Avenue (behind the building at 205 East Hirst Road) in Purcellville, Virginia.

Read even more about the trail at